A Premium Carrier

A Caravan customer is a happy customer

Why are we a premium carrier?

We call ourselves a premium carrier because our level of service and dependability are second to none. We are dedicated to ensuring that your schedule is met and your freight is safe and secure every time you entrust it to us. We have enacted forward thinking and safety minded technology such as e-logs, even thought they are not required by law.

If your freight is happy, you will be, too

From Truckload and LTL to temperature control and Just in time service, whether transporting across Canada or the border, we take care of every detail. You’ll appreciate our trained and experienced fleet of top drivers who deliver the very best service, each time they go out on the road. They are our front line sales people and they understand the importance of your freight.

Blue and yellow make green

Our dedication to the environment starts by running only modern equipment, with five years or fewer miles on them. We’re always trying out the latest in side skirt technology looking for improvement. Our customers like better fuel economy that comes with extra steps taken to ensure their freight has a lower impact on the surroundings. We need to put a bigger smile on the environment.

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