Owner Operators

Driving for Caravan is a rewarding experience

Team and single owner operators look to Caravan as a loyal place to call home and a great place to continue a successful career. We are a leading employer for professional owner operators who want to have enough miles away, enough time at home and a very competitive pay package.

Our professional freight family consists of individuals and teams that have been with us for the long haul and know that we are with them for the long haul, too. Our veteran drivers are always welcoming of fresh faces and happy to show them how to uphold our motto of providing Dependable Transportation Solutions.

We keep you safe on the job

Safe freight requires a safe driver and safe equipment. Caravan is always looking for modern equipment with less than five years of service. Our driver’s safety is number one which is why we have adopted forward thinking technology such as e-logs. E-logs help increase responsible driving and keep you ahead of the game.

Our drivers also have access to our onsite driver-training program for introductory and remedial training. At Caravan, our approach is—if you protect the driver, you protect the customer.

Additional owner operator benefits

  • Routing tools for increased fuel efficiency
  • Onsite garage available 24/7
  • Onsite fueling
  • 24/7 dispatch
  • Satellite tracking
  • E-logs
  • GPS navigation
  • Scanners and printers installed in vehicles

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